The Only Formula You’ll Ever Need for Lasting Romance


You aren’t the only one waiting for romance. And not just that fleeting, summertime kind of romance. You crave that deep connection with someone on an intimate level. Men crave deep and passionate love just as women do, they just express that need differently than you’d expect. If you are looking for Mr. Right or have him but can’t get him to commit to you exclusively, try speaking to your man’s hidden need for passion.


When you touch on this hidden need, you will make your man feel more than just a physical attraction to you. It will be like something clicked on in his brain. The magnet will be activated and he will only be attracted to you. The two of you will start moving beyond that elementary “like” part of your relationship and start diving into real, deep love. But how will you know when you’ve found this so-called hidden need? Because you won’t have to find it. You’ve always known what it is because you’ve felt it too.


You have wandered on this plateau of superficial romance for too long. It’s time you planted your feet firmly where you stand and made a list of all the qualities you look for in a man, the qualities you are not willing to sacrifice. These will be unique to you, your own strengths and weaknesses, and your own expectations of romance. You should be specific as possible. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to weed out those men who do not share the same hidden need for passion as you do.


The key to the formula for lasting romance is finding someone who is on the same page of life as you. Your goals and expectations have to match up or the two of you will constantly disrupt the harmony of the romantic relationship. When you have your qualities and expectations laid out in front of you, it will be hard to miss out on the man who shares most (if not all) of your same ambitions. And these qualities you so carefully listed out will spell out the hidden passion you are seeking. The man with similar qualities will have a hidden passion that will match up almost perfectly with yours. You won’t need to unlock any combination or uncover any hidden messages because you’ll already recognize your own hidden passion in his. And the connection the two of you feel will be magnetic.


When you already know how to fill your man’s hidden need, the relationship the two of you dive into will be stronger than any relationship you’ve had before. The two of you will be on a level of understanding that you probably have not experience with another man before this. That’s because you were never as specific with your own needs before. At the same time, your man has probably never been with a woman as honest as you before, and he will be mesmerized by your ability to read into him and his own hidden desires. Find that connection you crave right now by being honest with what your own hidden romantic needs are.

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