How to Win Back Your Man


If you’re surviving a recent breakup, you may not want to hear about all of the things you did wrong. But there is nothing wrong with being a smart, confident, and independent woman! You just didn’t speak to your man on the intimate, instinctual level that he craves. Men leave women who don’t need them, and while your independence is an admirable quality, don’t let it stop you from winning back your man!


The easiest way to win your man back is to prove to him that you need him. Even as independent as you are, you can still trigger your man’s natural hero instinct. This instinct drives your man to want to protect and provide for you, and you can make him see you as THE ONE again when you show him that you need his love, help, and protection.


But what if he sees you as desperate? You would never stoop as low as to beg for him back! But if you want him back, there are ways to prove you need him without sacrificing your pride or your independence. For example, there are probably plenty of excuses for you to run into each other. If you work together, it can be easy to ask for his help with something completely unromantic, like fixing a jam in the copier or helping you run out to pick up the lunch orders. Maybe there is some houseware or computer software in your apartment that could use a fix and you know he’s the best at it. Each little thing you do like this that calls on him for help will trigger that masculine instinct and get him to start seeing you as a damsel again.


Once he’s back into seeing you that way, you can start bringing in the more romantic elements. Tell him the truth. Messages from you should be honest and pure. Something as easy as saying “I miss us” is a bittersweet reminder that you still need him without sounding desperate. You are just stating a fact, not asking for him to come back. Not outright, at least. Because you don’t want to beg. You simply what him to see that you still need him and always have, even if you weren’t good at showing it earlier in your relationship.


It’s time to be honest with him and yourself about what you truly need. When a man leaves a woman who doesn’t need him, it’s not because he doesn’t love her. His love for you was always true, you just did not meet his instinctual need to protect and provide for the people that he cares about. Let your man be a man, and let him hear how much you need him. If the subtle tricks and conversations do not sway his heart back into his arms, it will be time to tell him straight up that you want him back. He will either say yes or no, but either way he will be in awe of your honesty and respect your ability to swallow your pride and admit how much you need him. If he says no, then you will have learned for your next relationship how important it is for a man to feel needed.


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